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Search for German proofreader


German Freelance Proofreaders

A lot goes into making a specific piece of text perfect, and the proofreading process is just as important as the writing and the copyediting of any publishing-project.

When a client requests a proofreading service, he expects it to be carried out with maximum efficiency and by an experienced, dedicated freelancer. This is why we request the very best.

German proofreading requires a fluency in the German language. International companies will approach German proofreaders in order to insure that their German-language publications are error-free. With this in mind, they expect the work to be carried out by native German speaker, detail-oriented professionals.

The proofreading services carried out are largely fed by professionals in the media sector. This means that proofreaders will be asked to deal primarily with online publications.

Proofreading jobs are likely to include the final overview of various scientific papers, books, magazines, journals, customer-magazines, business reports, product descriptions, corporate image brochures and advertisements, before publication is given the go-ahead.

Proofreading is a demanding job that requires an in-depth knowledge of spelling, grammar and punctuation in German.
Proofreading is the final stage before publication, but it is still necessary to read the text carefully, making corrections within the text wherever necessary.

Copyediting differs in the sense that it deals primarily with the actual content and style of the text � leaving the grammar and punctuation amendments up to the proofreader.

Contact kept between customer and proofreader will always be kept open via telephone, email, fax or contact form. Contact details are simply exchanged, and kept in operation until necessary.

Each contact form may be used by the customer to send a specific request to a total of eight professionals, as opposed to relying on the particular circumstances of one.

Customers from a wide variety of businesses have the ability to effectively search this directory for a range of experienced and certified proofreaders.
Ther search is completely free of charge.

Proofreading services will differ in terms of payment options �whether you will be asked to pay per page or per hour will be established after contact has been effectively made with the freelancer of your choice.